Douglas Claims & Risk Consultants, Inc., was founded in 1999 by Margaret Spence. Her business started with a simple idea; there has to be more to injury management than sitting at an adjusters’ desk. She had a firm belief that injury management must be implemented from the Boardroom to the Stockroom, "Injuries cannot be viewed as the inevitable cost of doing business, prevention must be at the forefront."

Today, Douglas Claims & Risk Consultants manages a national workers' compensation loss portfolio well in excess of $95 million in claims for multinational corporations across the country. Her results are astounding, and her clients are raving evangelist to her innovative approach to reducing litigation and closing the people to process gap. Margaret also founded, a workers’ compensation training organization dedicated to linking HR with Workers’ Comp Best Practices.


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Workers Compensation

Workers’ Comp Injuries are a Symptom of Leadership Failures – Predictive Analytics Won’t Fix That

The Workers' Comp Injury that happened yesterday is never the cause ... More


$95 Million

Workers' Comp Claims Files

Our Goal: Closing Files. The longer Workers' Compensation claims stay open the more they cost your organization. Our Claims Closure Projects reduce your inventory and release your collateral. Annually, we close about $35 Million in Claims across multiple jurisdictions.

Workers' Compensation Consulting

Solutions Driven Program Evaluation

Workers Compensation Program Evaluation - We Review Policy, Process, and Your Procedure

Auditing and Excess Claims Management

Workers Compensation Claims Reduction

We work with Self-Insured Employers to reduce their retention exposure by conducting randomly selected Annual Claims Audits and Excess Claims Review.

Return to Work Program Implementation

Workers Compensation Return to Work

At the end of the day, the only way to control workers compensation cost is to implement Proactive Return to Work Programs.

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Claims Closure Projects

How many "Old Dog Files" are sitting open zapping your collateral? We are experts at closing old files - even in California. Douglas Claims and Risk Consultant closes $35 to $45 million in claims each year.

RFP Vendor Management

RFP Management for Workers Compensation Self Insureds

We manage the RFP Process for Self-Insured Employers: Broker Selection, Third Party Administrator, Bill Review Vendors and other ancillary Workers Compensation Providers. As a non-broker affiliated consultant, we offer objective, taylored solutions to vendor management

Organizational Thought Leader

Douglas Claims & Risk Consultants Inc

Minimize the downside and maximize the upside of managing your program effectively to accelerate business results requires a depth of knowledge that most organizations do not have in-house - we become your resource guide.

Our Clients

Our Client Seaboard Foods Wins National Underwriter Excellence in Workers' Compensation Risk Managment Award 2016National Underwriter Magazine

  • Margaret Spence is a subject matter expert in the area of workers’ comp who could work with our unique situation — our employee base, the type of work we do and our locations.Kay Stinson - Vice President of Human Resources and Animal Care, Seaboard Foods, LLC
  • Margaret has not only been a mentor but she is the guiding force behind our workers' compensation improvement. Our cost reduction program has been effective and results driven. She provided targeted advice to manage injuries effectively.Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Our goal in partnering with Margaret was to improve our safety awareness, lower accident rates and create a 'culture of safety." Margaret met with our management team sharing her 'best practices' which included managing workers' compensation costs, communicating expectations to our employees, goal setting, and accountability. Margaret's expertise in the area of workers' compensation, her engaging personality, and sense of humor won her trust from both the leadership of S&S and its employees. Sharon Marsh, S&S Electric

Case Studies

Health Care

The Health Care Sector has unique challenges - People, Process, and Results. It's very easy to keep patients safe but keeping employees safe requires a special commitment.

Vertical Farming Ag

Workers Compensation Root Cause Analysis

Learning how to ask the right questions: What, When, Where, Who and Why? - then Ask the How?


Linking Human Resources with Workers Compensation

Case Study: Understanding the Link Between Human Resources and Workers' Compensation Injuries.

Our Approach - Transparency and Commitment

Working With Us

Our Work Solves Three Business Problems:

  • Program Cost: Laser focus on Workers' Compensation Cost Containment - What are you spending? Why are you spending it? What can we do to reduce your overall cost drivers?
  • Injury Prevention: Why are you having injuries? What does the data really show? What can be done to reduce the risk of employee injuries?
  • Program Alignment: What are you doing right? What can you do better? How do you take your Workers' Compensation Program from Good to Great?

What's Our Approach?

Comprehensive Data Analysis including a review of your internal systems, Third Party Administrator's claims management practices, evaluation of your cost-drivers with a keen focus on what's happening, and why is it happening? Your claims history is more than a statistical view of your injuries, it is the DNA of your Injury Management Challenges! Every claim is a leadership failure - accepting that fact is the first step to improving your workers' compensation program.

What's Your Return on Investment?

While every client company engagement is unique and tailored to your specific workers' compensation challenges - what we've found over the last eighteen years, there is no simple approach to workers' compensation improvement, but everything starts with a Findings Report and Improvement Blueprint.

Ready to Hire Us?

Our approach requires a commitment from the C-Suite to ensure the maximum results. Our programs, which often span several months to a full year or more, includes three coordinated phases: Phase 1: Evaluation: Tough Questions + Intense Critique; Phase 2: Integration: Connecting People, Process and Outcome. Phase 3: Strategy and Action Plan Deployment: Customized Strategic Corrective Action Plan; Phase 4: Accountability: Team Approach to Solutions Management. Throughout this process, we will engage your Leadership Team at Action Planning Sessions Using our SOAR Continuous Strategic Improvement Program. There's one thing I know better than anyone else - Strategic Workers' Compensation Injury Management. When you hire Douglas Claims & Risk Consultants, you get a team of experienced subject matter experts, and a thought leader, with over thirty-two years of insurance experience.

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Books and Resources

Return to Work Book

Workers Comp Return to Work Book

From Workers Comp Claimant to Valued Employee. Employers Guide to Implementing a Proactive Return to Work Program

Workers Comp Book For Managers & Supervisors

Workers Compensation Book

The Injury Management Challenge is a Workers Compensation Book Designed to Simplify Workers Compensation for Managers and Supervisors

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