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Workers’ Comp Injuries are a Symptom of Leadership Failures – Predictive Analytics Won’t Fix That

The Workers' Comp Injury that happened yesterday is never the cause of your organization's problems it is the symptoms of an internal leadership crisis. The ongoing buzz is Workers' Compensation Predictive Analytics – in fact, you can’t go anywhere without hearing how this is going to revolutionize the industry. Given the right “data sets” we will have enough information in our coffers to predict down to the millisecond the outcome of the injury. I continue to be a skeptic, mainly because I see this as another version of our inability to call a spade a shovel – we continue to build a world that is focused on the “Why stuff happened” ...

Can Injured Employees Return to Work Sucessfully?

The Question should be - Why do we allow injured employees to stay at home? 


Employee retention, employee engagement and talent management are the buzz words in the Human Resources and Business Community. Every major publication predicts a dire staffing and talent shortage, yet every year employers allow trained talent to walk out their door after an occupational injury.