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Margaret’s keynotes and strategic workshops focus on one critical area Talent Management

How do you hire? How do you onboard? How do you train? How do you retain? How do you identify high-potential employees? How do you advance ready now leaders? and Why do organizations fail so miserably? But more strategically, How should organizations create innovative processes to support their people?

With an eye on the future your audience – CEO’s, CFO’s and CHRO are keenly focused on one area – Talent.

The top priorities for organizations and leaders:

• Managing talent
• Improving leadership development
• Strategic workforce planning
• Enhancing workforce engagement

 Margaret’s Solutions Driven Keynotes Target Leaders Top Priority. 



Who’s Going to Sit in Your Seat? Ending the Leaky Leadership Pipeline

What’s keeping every organization up at night? Talent Shortage.  In this high impact keynote presentation, Margaret shares her personal experience mentoring a group of high potential millennial’s who were hypervisible and simultaneously invisible to their organizations. She examines the duality of aligning credentials with accomplishment and position with power. This keynote will resonate with those who are responsible for developing talent and removing barriers to advancement. Despite the fact that leadership development is mission critical and organizations spend a considerable amount of money developing systems to fill the pipeline, they still fail miserably! So, why do they fail so miserably at creating diverse ready now leaders? The answer: the best companies know how to move from talent acquisition to talent advocacy.

This high impact, thought-provoking program will change the way you view talent development and mentoring a diverse workforce.

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Women in Leadership

‘Hello, I’m Your Next CEO’

Entrepreneurial Leadership for Women: Think and Act Like a CEO Even If You’re Not

Imagine if you could be the CEO of your organization – would you look at the world of work differently? What does entrepreneurial leadership really mean and why is it important for women? (Especially, women of color.) As a successful entrepreneur, Margaret shows leaders how to deploy the single most important business attribute – courage to live your dream. This keynote is based on Margaret new book – Arriving at the CEO Door. In this moving and inspirational presentation, Margaret will unleash the power to ask for what you want and to create a path to leadership despite the odds. Margaret will share her passion for helping women excel in the workforce by understanding how to navigate a path to key leadership roles successfully.

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Workers' Compensation

Changing the Paradigm From Workers’ Comp Claimant to Valued Employee

The number one cost driver for organizations who don’t manage people and process effectively – workers’ compensation injury management cost. After employees are injured, the big question – Can Injured Employees Return to Work Successfully? Well, the answer is yes in a roundabout way. This program challenges employers to see “Ability” instead of “Disability,” discovering opportunities to keep, ill, injured and disabled employees in the workforce. Margaret leverages her success as a consultant to multinational organizations to show employers how to connect employee value to the outcome, to decrease the cost of risk. Bottom-line, injuries are a symptom of leadership failures – in this game changing presentation Margaret show employers that injured workers are not claimants – they’re employees who have an injury. This powerful keynote is packed with humor, real stories that test employer’s resilience and phenomenal takeaways to change the injury paradigm.

This keynote is based on Margaret’s pioneering book – From Workers Comp Claimant to Valued Employee – The Employers Guide to Implementing a Proactive Return to Work Program. Every employer says “Employees are my most valued asset” except when they have an injury.

Margaret’s Workers’ Compensation Keynote Topics

My Commitment

Hiring the right keynote speaker for your event is an important decision. Here are the top 7 reasons Margaret Spence is well liked by meeting and event planners, and corporate executives.

1. No Drama – No Diva! – No crazy demands, no diva-like requests. Margaret is a consummate professional who is easy to work with and does everything in her power to make your meeting a success.

2. Engaging – Margaret’s only goal is to engage you in a productive dialog so she understands your goals and helps you shine.

3. Customized – There is no canned speech – every presentation is customized to your topic, theme and audience.

4. Relevant – Margaret’s presentations are on-point, filled with enthusiasm and built around real-world challenges and opportunities for growth.

5. Unique – Your audience will leave with meaningful tools, frameworks, and techniques based on Margaret’s real-world experience working with multinational clients. She’s seen it and she shares both her perspective and her results.

6. High Energy and Inspirational – as a woman in leadership, Margaret brings a compelling message that energizes your audience – she is high energy from start to finish.

7. Reliable – If you book me – I show up! Margaret doesn’t just bounce in and out of your conference, she makes herself available to your audience, there is no rushing out the door.


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Margaret made the most compelling argument for valuing employees – but more than that she said, “it takes a team of believers to make it happen.” One of the most unforgettable presentation, she inspired me to Change the Paradigm. – Steve Buehrer Administrator Ohio BWCOhio Safety Congress - Bureau of Workers Compensation - Keynote

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