Leaders: Diversity and Inclusion Still Needs Pioneers
Corporate Social Responsibility Moves Diversity & Inclusion Beyond a Mission to Visual Action

In the age of Corporate Social Responsibility why isn’t diversity one of the key driving responsibilities for leaders? If the demographics of your customer bases doesn’t match the demographics of your Leadership or Board of Directors – is that a corporate leadership failure?

We will evaluate diversity and inclusion along seven different hypotheses – gender, age, race, expertise level, tenure, power and competitive advantage. When you focus on gender or racial diversity only organizations, overlook and underestimate the value of different heterogeneity voices.

Diversity, Empowerment, Inclusion, Opportunity, Mobility, and Success lies in the hands of leaders – your hands. There’s still room to be a pioneer; we need men and women to champion diversity. We need corporations to champion diverse C-Suite Leadership coupled with diverse voices in their Boardrooms. Diversity is not a quota – companies cannot fulfill the requirements of having an inclusive workforce by saying we have “One…“X”” and that checks the box. How do you recognize the needs and interest of different groups of stakeholders without diverse voices at the table?

This program challenges leaders to take a different look at moving inclusion beyond a lofty policy to visual action that includes recruiting diverse talent to retain and promote diversity as a corporate social responsibility mission. This keynote will examine the impact of diversity on corporate performance and measure diversity along seven different stakeholder continuums.