Margaret’s Keynote Presentation on Mentorship

Who’s Going to Sit in Your Seat? Ending the Leaky Leadership Pipeline

Why do women and minorities continue to be underrepresented in C-Suite leadership? This session evaluates diversity, career development, and talent advancement plus, the mission-critical relationship between developing a diverse pipeline and finding advocates to move employees along the career continuum. Can HR move from talent acquisition to becoming talent advocates?


Despite the fact that leadership development is mission critical and organizations spend a considerable amount of money developing systems to fill the pipeline – why do they fail so miserably at creating diverse ready now leaders? Why do women and minorities continue to be underrepresented in C-Suite leadership? As HR Managers can you challenge the existing paradigm about how leadership potential is defined? Can we move from talent acquisition to talent advocacy? Becoming a talent advocate, requires us to see people and not job descriptions. It mandates that we remove the ambiguity and secrecy around career paths, skills and the experience needed for advancement, it also requires us to align our vision with our employees’ vision of success.

In this program, Margaret shares her personal experience mentoring a group of high potential millennial’s who were hypervisible and simultaneously invisible to their organizations. She examines the duality of aligning credentials with accomplishment and position with power. This session will resonate with those who are responsible for developing talent and removing barriers to advancement. At the end of the day, everyone has potential – the key question, are you engaging and retaining them to their highest potential?

Ideal Audience:

  • Women’s Leadership Conferences
  • Career Conference at College Level – Can be Customized to “You’re Going to Sit in My Seat? Write Your Own Story”
  • Succession Conferences
  • Talent and Organizational Development Conferences
  • Talent Management Conferences
  • Leadership Development Conferences
  • Diversity Conference