Margaret’s Topics Focusing on Women in Leadership

‘Hello, I’m Your Next CEO’

Entrepreneurial Leadership for Women: Think and Act Like a CEO Even If You’re Not

Imagine if you could be the CEO of your organization – would you look at the world of work differently? What does entrepreneurial leadership really mean and why is it important for women? (Especially, women of color.) As a successful entrepreneur, Margaret shows leaders how to deploy the single most important business attribute – courage to live your dream. This keynote is based on Margaret new book – Arriving at the CEO Door.

In this moving and inspirational presentation, Margaret will unleash the power to ask for what you want and to create a path to leadership despite the odds. Margaret will share her passion for helping women excel in the workforce by understanding how to navigate a path to key leadership roles successfully.

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Mentored to Death – Women, Leadership, and the Broken Ladder

Is the upward mobility ladder broken or are women mentored and funneled into imperfect talent development programs without subsequent advancement opportunities? Why do they linger in these programs without access to career changing opportunities?

This keynote will examine the factors that prevent women from being successful in key leadership roles: