Our Story

Margaret Spence is a sought after workers’ compensation consultant who provides pragmatic injury management advice and targeted, results driven, real world solutions to Self-Insured Employers, CEO’s, CFO’s and Human Resources Professionals in major organizations across the nation.

As the founder and CEO of Douglas Claims & Risk Consultants, Inc.

Margaret built her business from the ground up. Her business started with a simple idea in 1999, there has to be more to injury management than sitting at an adjusters’ desk. Today, Douglas Claims & Risk Consultants, Inc., manages a national workers’ compensation loss portfolio in excess of $95 million in claims for multinational corporations across the country. Her results are astounding and her clients are raving evangelist to her innovative approach to reducing litigation and closing the people to process gap.

Douglas Claims & Risk Consultants, Inc., and WorkCompSeminars.com, an international workers’ compensation consulting and training organization dedicated to linking HR with Workers’ Comp Best Practices. Margaret’s ground-breaking book – Changing the Paradigm From Workers Comp Claimant to Valued Employee, created a paradigm shift in how employers manage return-to-work or stay-at-work programs.

Margaret understands that for most organizations, long-term success depends greatly on employee engagement and satisfaction. Employers must connect value with outcome! With more than 30 years of experience in human resources, risk management, and integrated disability management, Margaret is keenly able to help organizations engage leaders, foster accountability and retain talent – ultimately reducing bottom-line workers’ compensation cost.

Fortune 500’s, corporations in multiple sectors like, health care, vertical farming, and manufacturing, as well as non-profits and municipal governments, turn to Margaret for strategies that reduce claims cost by upending the status quo. Her 2015 strategic initiatives resulted in $38 million in closed “old dog” workers’ compensation claims – winning the confidence of her client companies CEO’s and CFO’s.

Sixteen years of consulting with major corporations across all sectors revealed one glaring fact, managing workplace injuries must be a top priority. Margaret’s goal is simple – engage managers and supervisors so they manage injuries effectively. Learn More About Workers Compensation Consulting Services – Click Here


The Employee to CEO Project – Mentorship Consulting for Organizations who want to Empower Women of Color to Step-up and into C-Suite Leadership

There is a severe lack of C-Suite diversity and mentorship opportunities or pipelines for women of color and minorities. This sparked a new passion for Margaret that resulted in the development and launching of, “The Employee to CEO Project“, a mentorship web portal and global movement to empower women and minorities to step up and into C-Suite leadership roles.

The Employee to CEO Project is focused on building a community that allows women to gain self-confidence and to provide practical strategies to remove the obstacles that prevent them from attaining true entrepreneurial leadership. It’s not enough for organizations to say we have a mentorship program – you have to demonstrate how opportunities are being presented and who is being tapped for those key leadership roles. Margaret is dedicated to helping organization end the leaky leadership pipeline and develop a diverse pool of high potential employees poised to be the next generation of leaders. To learn more about the Employee to CEO Project visit the website at – www.EmployeeToCEOProject.com

Margaret has also written a new book for every woman who yearns to be in the C-Suite but finds the goalpost constantly shifting. Arriving at The CEO’s Door, will be published in 2016 – Margaret is challenging organizational leaders by asking them one simple question: “Who’s Going to Sit in Your Seat?” and are they prepared to lead?